A 1978 Swiss Luxury Fake Rolex GMT-Master Mark 3 ‘Radial Dial’ Ref. 1675

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A stainless steel fake Rolex GMT-Master ref.1675 is definitely on my “list” of watches to own one day. It’s very similar to a Sub in size and general style, BUT it has such a distinct look with a “Pepsi” bezel and an extra GMT hand that give it an identity of its own. Rolex came out with the reference 1675 in 1959, and it was in production until 1980. Over this time period, Rolex would tweak the model, and collectors have discovered roughly nine different dial variations. The watch we have here today is a Mark 3 dial nicknamed a “Radial Dial.” The “Radial Dial” has a very distinctive style that’s different from other GMTs, adding to the character. When comparing the lume placement for the hour markers, Rolex replica made them a bit more central on the dial, therefore the watch has its own look.

One of the reasons why I really dig this exact Rolex fake watch with red and blue bezel is due to the Mark 3 dial and the nice way it has aged over the years. These Mark 3 dials don’t come up too often – I believe this is the first one we are offering in the Shop – and in all my years working with watches, I have only seen a few others. Due to the uniqueness of the Mark 3, many collectors covet this variation; this isn’t surprising because, especially with vintage copy Rolex, the little details matter. In addition to the dial variation, the lume has aged to an attractive pale yellow color, the bezel has faded very slightly in the blue portion, and the red part has almost a raspberry color that really looks great. All in all, if you are looking for a special 1675 in great condition with a great look, this is a solid contender. To check out all the details, go here.

As I sit here nearly drooling over these two watches, I can’t help but think that if I was alive and in the market for a new watch in 1978, I would have been able to stroll into my local AD and pick up one of these watches or, heck, even both. I wonder if I would have noticed the distinct dial on the high quality GMT-Master replica, or if I’d have even thought about how the Submariner used to have red text on the dial. I was also thinking about how this is going to be a great test of self-control for someone out there looking for a birth-year watch from 1978.


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