Cheap Replica Watches Rolex Submariner “Panama Canal” Limited Edition

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At the upcoming Antiquorum auction, which takes place in Hong Kong October 26th, we found only one interesting Best Sale Replica Watches Rolex lot: a limited edition circa 1999 Ref. 16610 Submariner Panama Canal. The estimates are pretty high for a Submariner 16610, which is fairly common. However, the fact that this one was produced in a limited edition of 75 pieces makes Cheap Fake Rolex Watches considerably more rare, and therefore more valuable than a typical 16610. Not to mention the fact that it is mint condition.


It is comes with the original box, guarantee certificate, invoice, instruction manual and an anchor. The dial is like any other Submariner, but with the addition of a special Panama Canal logo printed at 6 o’clock.Cheap Replica Watches Rolex Submariner “Panama Canal” Limited Edition.


Cheap Replica Rolex Submariner “Panama Canal” Limited Edition  has a pre-sale estimate of $19,300 – $32,000.

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