Introducing The History Story Of Popular Rolex Comex Sea-Dweller Fake Watches Worthy Of Collection

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The history story of Comex has been always a hot topic among the watch lovers of Rolex. In fact, not only Rolex has the special model for Comex, it also includes Omega. The human beings searched for the breakthrough of exploring the underwater world. The professional Comex (Compagnie Maritime d’ Expertises) in France was the leader in that field at that moment. One of the ambitious plans of the Comex was separately cooperating with Rolex And Omega, researching and developing the new-generation high-performance copy dive watch which was suitable for saturation diving.

The color of the white hour markers have been faded, but thanks to the fading, the model looks more fascinating.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Copy With Oystersteel Bracelet


Finally, Comex tent to the HEV technology of Rolex, completing the birth of popular Rolex Sea-Dweller replica and since then Rolex had built a long-term relationship with Comex in the future. The cooperation between Rolex, Omega with Comex has expanded the series of the Submariner and Seamaster respectively. Rolex had equip the new HEV on basis of Ref.5513 while Omega had designed the new Seamaster PloProf 600m especially for Comex. The function of HEV was that when the pressure outside decreased, the valve would be opened automatically, letting the helium go outside from the interior of the watch, preventing the sapphire crystal from bursting.

The Oyster case and bracelet guarantee the great ablility of water resistance.

Rolex Replica With Oystersteel Case

The water resistance of the black dial Rolex imitation Comex edition is to 200 meters. You can the vintage Rolex in daily life without any worry about scratching and light collide especially for Comex since it is tool watch, the appropriate use of old traces is not only reasonable but also more attractive. The faded bezel of Comex is natural and more attractive.

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