Matthew McConaughey and the tale of his dad’s fake replica Rolex

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Turns out Matthew McConaughey isn’t just a superb actor, he’s also a mighty fine storyteller. We’re not sure if it’s the intense eyes, the Texan drawl or the overwhelming sense that he has lived life to the fullest. Whatever the reason, this Screen Test video for W Magazine definitely proves the man can spin a mean tale.
Ostensibly, McConaughey is talking about the inspiration for his character Kenny Wells in Gold – an ’80s businessman with a sketchy plan – and even sketchier haircut. Apparently, McConaughey’s portrayal of Wells is an impression of his own father, a man who would “much rather do a shady deal with some fun people than a good deal with a bunch of straight-asses”. And while the whole five and half minutes is pretty entertaining, we’re all about the luxury replica watches.

For us it starts getting really interesting 45 seconds in. McConaughey relates the story of how, aged 16, he accompanied his dad Christmas shopping, and along the way meets the excellently named Chicago John in the deserted car park of an abandoned strip mall (naturally), to get a once-in-a-lifetime deal on a titanium Rolex replica watch.

Now, perhaps old man McConaughey should have paid more attention to the adage ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” because, not only is buying a Swiss movement copy Rolex out of the back of a van a Bad Idea, perfect Rolex replication has never made a titanium watch. So maybe dropping three large on it isn’t super smart. Makes for a great story though.

Thankfully Matthew’s taste in copy watches for sale is a cut above his dad’s. He’s often spotted wearing Chopard on the red carpet, and notable onscreen wristwear includes Doxa (Sahara), Orient (True Detective) and TAG Heuer (The Lincoln Lawyer).

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