Replica Watches Rolex And Bloodhound SSC To That Part Of The Team Cooperation

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Bloodhound supersonic team (SSC) plans to build the world’s first car was traveling more than 1000 miles (1609 km/h) of the car, and early in 2011 in South Africa Hakskeen Pan, expected to break the world land speed record.Bloodhound designed a rocket model car, and the integration of ultra running car engine system and aviation technology, the engine is used EJ200 jet engine, auxiliary power system CA2010 formula one racing V8 engine, in order to achieve a speed of 1609 km/h.


And the Bloodhound cooperation is very challenging, custom Replica Watches Rolex For Sale speedometer and stopwatch, simultaneously has the engine start and control system of detection and visual effect, and provide Andy Green, all the information you have it in challenge land speed record. These reliable, high precision of rolex instrument not only provide visual information speed, also includes the acceleration and braking of the most important information.


Andy Green special choose Cheap Fake Watches Rolex to create the cause of the Bloodhound SSC cockpit instrumentation, mainly because they can produce reliable protection and time and speed meter with high precision. After two years of exploration and development, Best Sale Replica Rolex Watches has produced the world’s most advanced high-speed automobile instrument, as well as high precision timer. All of these are completed independently by rolex, these instruments have their own energy supply system and the independent sensors.


Cheap Replica Watches Rolex Shop speed meter type pointer, pointer using aviation style of white and green classic pointer, to record the highest speed. Black white part on the disk surface, recorded the scale of from 0 to 11, and to 100 MPH, and at 1 o ‘clock position has a special mark, criteria to indicate the speed of sound (about 1225 km/h, 761 miles per hour).

ROLEX -Bloodhound-SSC

Cheap Fake Rolex Watches For Sale in combination with a clock and timing stopwatch, is the real time clock, is used to record the minutes and seconds. This instrument inside there are four electric motors, each pointer are independent of the motor to control, in order to ensure maximum reliability. This device to connect the GPS, and by receiving the GPS time signal to realize and timing as well. It is worth noting that Replica Watches Rolex timer and air speed meter adopts the standard requires clear instructions.

rolex bloodhound ssc

Believe this period of history, not just stay on the development on the level of technological breakthrough, but also brand for science and technology of deep mining and challenge the limit of strong authentication to mankind.

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