Repllica Watches Rolex Unique Moon Model

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Rolex don’t do things complex table is well known. Had often heard someone took Fake Watches Rolex For Sale lack of complicated work strong wrist watch is invoked, think this is a big “regret” Rolex. Do when we are not sure when the Repllica Watches Rolex Unique Moon Model complicated with strong work on wrist watch will progress how good, but we can be sure of is that no complex functional rolex, now do better is unprecedented. This section with the function of the moon “complex”, not from the original factory, rolex it was a man named Marcello in Rome, Italy Comezzi lister in 3135 on the basis of correct rolex. The global only for one.

Rolex moon

11 mm watchcase 36 mm in diameter, thickness, connect body length is 185 mm. Watchcase number W913578, model 16234199 sold 7 July 30, barrel type case, on the central clock indicating the number of seconds a pointer, semi-automatic waxing moon, three-piece suit stainless steel casing, sat by polishing and grinding, blue enamel bezel, days a magnifying glass, screw-plug table back and crown, gold and silver double color dial, stainless steel Roman characters time scale, the dial outer minute scale, 3 days when the position, function position of the moon shows when the 6, baton pointer type stainless steel, stainless steel Best Sale Replica Watches Rolex Unique Moon Model Jubile strap, with bear guaranty (now has more than time limit) and the original polishing polished stainless steel bezel.

Started in 1953, the Cheap Fake Watches Rolex For Man expedition 6350 is the first time see fit and use “gallop needle” 6150 (out) in the same year follow-up table, used to be wore for the first time the team home on mount Everest in the Himalayas. Many approximate model and size of antique Replica Rolex Watches For Sale, table back can’t use each other. This watch is very interesting, it sees fit and use much in the team home series (such as 6350629, 8661) “honeycomb” revealed in the dial, but didn’t like the team home also sees fit and use black; It sees fit and use the team home always “3-6-9” the Arab digital time scale, but did not see fit and use the team home when the baton of a micro memory type time scale and 12 “nabla learning”.

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