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Here at replicawatch-shop we love a good vintage cheap replica Rolex Datejust. We have written about them many times over the years and occasionally, we might even sell one or two in the replicawatch-shop. It might be the most universally loved watch of all time, and it’s the kind of watch that you can wear in basically any situation. So, we’ve partnered up with our friends at Gilt to launch a capsule sale focused solely on the iconic model in all its varied incarnations – and that sale begins tonight.


So what and when is this Gilt sale? The replicawatch-shop x Gilt Vintage Rolex Sale features 30 hand-selected vintage exact fake Rolex Datejust watches in a range of materials and finishes, including a yellow gold Datejust with a rare onyx dial, a stainless steel Datejust with a silvered linen dial, and a rare “Buckley” dial variant in steel too. There are 1601s, 16014s, and 1603s aplenty, plus a couple of Day-Dates and Oysterdates thrown in for good measure. You’ll also find a handful of replicawatch-shop straps and accessories to go with your new (or old) vintage watch.

Replica Watches Rolex

As always, these watches have the replicawatch-shop stamp of approval and come with a 30-day warranty. The sale is live now and runs through next Thursday, October 13, at 9:00 PM ET. Sale Replica Watches Rolex Online.

Cheap Replica Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi: Old And New Compared

Here’s the problem with being a Rolex fan nowadays: you begin to wonder if out of sheer boredom the folks over there are messing with us. Look at the last few years and what we’ve gotten in terms of Rolex design icons: an anniversary Daytona – but in platinum with an ice blue dial; the Yachtmaster Everose, which has the dial everyone wanted on a Sub… and of course, the piece de resistance in terms of evidence that cheap replica Rolex wacthes is trolling us, they finally release an update to the much beloved, the iconic, indeed the original GMT Master – the Pepsi bezel – in 2014, and they deliver it in white gold.


We recently had two watches in the office: a late production series Pepsi bezel GMT Master II, and the new hotness, in all its white gold splendor. Naturally as diehard vintage Rolex fans we were prepared to hate on the newbie with all the spleen and venom we could muster (politely, but still) and we set the two of them – the classic, and the arriviste – up against each other, for what we thought would be a conclusive David vs. Goliath battle, with the outcome not in doubt even before the bell for Round 1. So here’s the problem: the GMT Master II in white gold, is a very, very good watch.


Let’s start out with the classic: the last of the aluminum insert GMT Master IIs, the 16710. This is one of the so-called stick dial GMT Master IIs, with the serifs absent on the “II” and it has inside – we assume, since we haven’t broken it open – the Rolex caliber 3186, one of the earliest watches to receive the movement with the then-new Parachrom Bleu balance spring. It’s a watch I’ve traveled with pretty extensively and in most respects I’m comfortable saying it’s essentially the ideal travel watch – legible, very versatile, happy to go from meeting room to trade show floor to long, bizarre Baselworld after-party not otherwise specified with all the aplomb you expect from one of the great classics from The Crown. It is right in the Goldilocks zone in terms of size and weight and it has tons of personality without one feeling like there’s a little gremlin sitting on your wrist going “me! me! me!” In short it has that most favored of Rolex traits: you wear it, not the other way ‘round; it is a tabula rasa upon which the story of one’s own adventures may be writ large (in tiny little hairline scratches, but still).


Now, the new guy. First impressions: the GMT Master II (reference 116719BLRO) has been to the gym. It’s a much more muscular watch; beefier case; you can feel the weight of each individual link but at the same time (and admittedly, a certain amount of all this is down to it being quite a lot of white gold) it doesn’t feel cumbersome on the wrist. (Interestingly enough, despite the impression of greater diameter one gets from the new GMT Master IIs vs. the old, they are the same size overall: 40 mm in diameter.) There’s a weird suppleness to the bracelet; that bank-vault-door combination of mass and precision that gets an awful lot of people who thought it would never happen addicted to sale replica Rolex precious metal watches. The bezel is heavier, too, and gone is the cheery brightness of anodized aluminum; instead we have the dull gloss of Cerachrom. Since the bezel is what gives these watches their nickname, let’s discuss.


Whatever you may feel about the cosmetics it is hard to argue that Cerachrom is simply a better material. It’s scratch-proof for all intents and purposes, it will not fade with exposure to the elements over time (as Picasso once said of ceramics, when someone asked him late in his life why he was doing so much pottery, “Shards are forever”). Rolex managed to develop a manufacturing technique that allows for a very crisp transition between the blue and white areas of the bezel as well. And one other very nice detail: the bezel now clicks in discrete one-hour jumps, making it easier than ever to mark time in three different time zones (home time, local time via the hour hand, and a third time zone using the bezel as a reference).


One of the little niggles I’ve always had with the old GMT Master II is the crown – it’s perfectly functional (we’re talking about Rolex here, after all) but it’s always felt just slightly too small for the job. Problem solved (or perhaps I should just say “improvement made”) in the new guy. The larger crown makes it definitely easier to re-set the hour hand to local time – again, not that it was exactly a Sisyphean task before but nonetheless, it’s a functional improvement. The dials are similar in design, but not identical – lume plots and hands are just slightly larger on the new model and it immediately seems more legible. Reference 16710 was not exactly a watch one struggled to read, but when you are fighting jet lag in the crepuscular gloom of some plane halfway between god-knows-where and you-can’t-remember-what, every little bit helps. I even like the larger crown guards. The older model’s crown guards always felt a little apologetic; there but making an effort not to call attention to themselves. The new ones feel like they’re saying, “You know what? We’re crown guards. That’s what we are. Gotta be me (we).”


Lastly, let’s look at the clasps. The 16710 has a perfectly serviceable one, but the New Guy has a much more secure-feeling Oyserlink clasp that gives a wonderful sense of durability and solidity.

The fact that one of these watches is steel, and one is white gold, makes this something of an apples-to-oranges comparison; the 16710 in steel is a great looking instrument watch with a pleasing feel of unadorned practicality and a lineage that goes all the way back to Pan Am and Pussy Galore, which is not a small thing. The new version is a bit surreal. To release this watch first in white gold was an interesting decision to say the least; obviously we are all waiting with bated breath for a steel model. Making one of the most beloved tool watches of all time in a precious metal is downright odd; I’m quite certain, all kidding aside, that luxury fake Rolex GMT Master did not do it as a practical joke but at the same time, it’s sort of like using Kobe beef to make imitation tofu – you just expect things to be the other way around.


None the less the fact remains that taken purely on its merits as a tool watch – leaving the precious metal out of the equation entirely – this is simply a technically superior watch. The bezel is improved, all ergonomics are improved, the clasp and bracelet are better; legibility is improved; little things like changing the bezel rotation so it lines up smartly on the hour every time are pretty solid indications that exact fake Rolex watches is doing what we like most about it – making things better one small detail at a time. (If you wanted to, you could even argue that white gold, being insusceptible to corrosion, is a more practical material than steel.) On the other hand, the 16710 has a charm and sense of connection to the past earned over many years – the new Pepsi may grow into that, however, as it spends more time out in the world. It’s a watch I’ll always love, but after spending some time with the reference 116719BLRO it’s hard to avoid concluding that Rolex made a great thing even better.

Cheap Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller, The Most Complicated Modern Rolex

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is exactly the kind of watch you usually don’t think of when you think of Rolex: a complicated watch, and moreover, one with a very unusual implementation of several complications. For that reason, it’s not very often discussed by Rolex fans, but in typical Rolex fashion it is, as it turns out, much more interesting than you might think from the niche in which it sits in the Rolex lineup. Available only in precious metals, the Sky-Dweller was introduced in 2012 and there was, at the time, a lot of buzz about it; but as one of the most expensive (non-jewelry) Rolexes, it’s been more visible (when it’s been visible at all) as a luxury watch rather than as a tool watch.


There’s no doubt from the minute you pick one up that the Sky-Dweller is very much a statement piece; it’s big (42 mm x 14.1 mm) and very boldly styled, with a light-gathering fluted bezel and enough reflective surfaces to ensure that pretty much no matter how the light hits it, it’s going to dazzle the eye. An unobtrusive tool watch, this is not – certainly not in terms of style. We wore the Everose-gold version of the watch for this installment of A Week On The Wrist, although we also had the white-gold version (on a white-gold bracelet) for comparison purposes as well, and they’re both pretty flashy watches; there’s just no getting around it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they come across as gauche, either, and what you notice right away, as is usually the case with replica Rolex watches, is that everything’s extremely well done. Dial furniture, casework, hands, overall fit and finish – everything is absolutely immaculate and really sets a standard for build quality and quality of execution in luxury watchmaking. Yes, you expect that at this price point, and yes, you expect it from Rolex, but given how seldom luxury watches really deliver in this respect it’s nice to see anyway.

Rolex SKY - DWELLER watches

The fact that the Sky-Dweller is so well made goes a long way toward saving it from ostentation, and I think that’s because the very high quality seems an end in itself, as well as a manifestation of a deeper commitment to quality for its own sake. It’s a very characteristically Swiss approach to luxury, I think; you don’t necessarily get originality and artistry the way you do from the French or Italian approaches but you do get, at best, meticulous attention to detail in an object that radiates a craftsman’s pride in their work. It’s a banker’s rather than an aesthete’s level of the expression of luxury, but it seems to work for replica Rolex – a kind of luxury that’s half lavishness in materials and construction, and half an absolute, ironclad guarantee that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

On the wrist, the impression created by the arresting visuals of the Sky-Dweller continues: they’re massive, yes, but on my seven-inch wrist they were also very comfortable to wear, as both watches fit closely and remained centered on the forearm without any noticeable play. The Everose model on a strap was a very comfortable watch to wear over the course of a week, size and weight notwithstanding, and for long-term wear I think I’d prefer it to the bracelet just from a mass standpoint. (The strap is fairly thick and it distributes the mass of the watch pretty evenly, which also goes a long way toward making this a comfortable watch to wear.) However, if you are the sort of person who wants to wear this watch on a matching gold bracelet you’re also probably the sort of person who is not going to be deterred by a few (well, a lot of) extra grams of gold.

Rolex SKY - DWELLER - watches

Part of what makes this a comfortable watch to wear despite its mass is probably that the lugs curve down sharply enough to prevent a gap between your wrist and the back of the watch.

Rolex SKY - DWELLER - watches -

The Sky-Dweller is a watch with a purpose, and that purpose is to make keeping track of the date across multiple time zones as painless as possible. It’s an annual calendar, dual time-zone watch in which all indications can be set by the (screw-down) crown. The unique feature of the Sky-Dweller is the “Ring Command” rotating bezel, whose position determines the function of the crown. The crown has two positions; unscrew it and pull it out to the first, and it can be used to hand-wind the movement (exact fake Rolex caliber 9001). Pull the crown out to the second position, and, depending on which position the bezel is in, you can use it to set the time, set the hour hand to local time, or set the date (there is also a neutral position for the crown as well). The annual calendar is synchronized with the hour hand, so that if you happen to be traveling between the 30th and the 1st of the next month (in a month with 30 days) the calendar will automatically skip the 31st if you set the time ahead past midnight to the new time zone. The month is indicated by a colored rectangle in one of the 12 apertures around the dial, and home time is via the 24-hour ring occupying the lower two-thirds of the dial.

Rolex SKY - DWELLER watches -

Operation of the Ring Command bezel and crown is very straightforward. The bezel has crisp detents at each position and hand setting of all three indications (time, independent hour hand, and date) was precise as well. The Sky-Dweller, during the period I wore it, showed almost no detectable change in rate at all; in a week of daily wear (including a flight to Geneva and back) it gained about 1.5 seconds, so you won’t need to handle the crown very often (once a year at the end of February, of course) but when you do, you’ll have the pleasant feel of interacting with a piece of robust, well made, and well designed machinery.

The Sky-Dweller shines visually, but it shines functionally as well; in traveling with it, I found it to be an extremely enjoyable watch to use as it was designed to be used. The only potential hiccup is that there’s no way of knowing, short of memorization (or manipulating the crown) which position the bezel is in, so you can find yourself inadvertently setting something you don’t mean to set. I’m not sure if a solution to this is either necessary or desirable; in the abstract, it seems it would be a problem but in practice, it’s pretty much a non-issue, as any of the indications can easily be set forward or backward on the off chance you change something you didn’t mean to change. I suppose the worst that could happen is that you pull the crown out to the second position and find you’re in time-setting mode, which would mean the seconds hand stops momentarily until you push the crown back in again. I found legibility under all conditions to be excellent (include a dark aircraft cabin during a red-eye to Geneva) despite the relatively small amount of lume present (relative, anyway, to Rolex’s technical models).

Rolex - SKY - DWELLER watches -

The Sky-Dweller is a bit of a conundrum. It’s a technically advanced watch, and a pretty complicated one from a company not generally known for its complications. It’s also a luxury watch, designed to be a pretty highly visible indication of affluence (albeit it’s extremely well made, which gives it a more dignified overall vibe than not). At the same time, it’s a niche enough watch that it’s actually more stealth than you might think; one of those Rolexes that, despite the date cyclops, doesn’t read as instantly as a Rolex as, say, a Submariner, Daytona, or Day-Date. Complicated gold watches generally don’t sit in the sports watch category, yet this is also a sport watch, at least to a degree; both its size, and a number of its technical features (including that screw-down crown and a water resistance of 100 meters) seem to keep it in the sport watch category rather than the dress watch realm.

I think the solution to some of the initial confusion you might feel when encountering the Sky-Dweller is that it really isn’t a watch that inhabits any one traditional category especially: yes, it’s a luxury sport watch, but unlike Rolex’s other luxury sport watches, it’s not a precious metal version of an existing steel model. The Sky-Dweller is not the simplest solution to telling time across two time zones quickly and easily, of course. On a certain level, if that’s what you want, and you want to do it in a durable, accurate, very well made and quietly stylish mechanical watch from Rolex, well, you get a GMT Master II or an Explorer II and call it a day. But I don’t think the point of the Sky-Dweller is to be the simplest answer to a particular need. The Sky-Dweller reminds me very much of another complicated Rolex: the Yachtmaster II Regatta Timer (which we went hands-on with last year). Like the Yachtmaster II, the Sky-Dweller fills a very particular niche by filling a practical need with almost hyperbolic sophistication on every level imaginable, both mechanically, and from a materials and design standpoint; and like the Yachtmaster II, it is a very particular take on a very particular complication.

Rolex _ SKY - DWELLER - watches -

I think that’s what makes both watches work, and what makes them both so appealing in everyday use. They both have a pretty extroverted design, combined with a pretty idiosyncratic take on a complication with fairly specific appeal (the regatta timer on the one hand, the combination of an annual calendar and two time zones on the other). What they both are, however – and what I probably wouldn’t have discovered about the Sky-Dweller without wearing it and playing with it for a week – is a tremendous amount of fun, and in a way that cuts to the core of the appeal of mechanical watches at its most basic level. The lavishness of their externals, in combination with the elaborate complexity of their mechanics relative to the practical problems they address, are essential to making them what they are; after all, to a great extent, finding joy in mechanics for its own sake is a big part of what having fun with horology is all about. As George Daniels put it in another context, “the fact that the mechanism is quite unnecessary merely adds to its charm.”

The Rolex Sky-Dweller, in Everose on a strap, $39,550; in white gold on a matching white gold bracelet, $48,850. Case, 42.00mm x 14.10mm, water resistance 10 bar/100 meters. Movement, selfwinding cheap replica Rolex caliber 9001 for man, bidirectional winding with 72 hour power reserve. Paraflex shock system with Parachrom balance spring; overcoil with free-sprung adjustable mass balance under an adjustable balance bridge. Chronometer certified by the COSC; maximum deviation in daily rate, -2/+2 seconds per day. Ring Command bezel for selecting function of the crown in its second position; annual calendar with indication of the time in two time zones.