Cheap Replica Watches Rolex Submariner Gilt Dial 5513

It goes without saying that the Rolex no-date Submariner is truly a versatile, timeless classic, so much so that here at Wound For Life we like to refer to it as the “white t-shirt of watches”. While the no-date Submariner is the quintessential dive watch, and has been produced for decades while maintaining most of it’s original DNA, the arguable king of all Sub references is the 5513, and some of the most interesting variants of this reference are those produced with a glossy, gilt dial. In today’s market, we’re seeing examples fetch exorbitant prices, which makes one question the reasoning behind such high regard. Without further ado, let’s take a look under the loupe at the miniscule nuances and details that make certain iterations of gilt 5513’s so intriguing.

Now, before we move on into the nitty-gritty, let’s get the basics down. What exactly is a “gilt” dial, and why is it so highly coveted? As some may know, the very definition of the word gilt is “covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint”, and this is exactly the case with vintage Rolex. Beginning in late 1962 with the introduction of the reference cheap replica Rolex 5513 Submariner, Rolex produced these “meters first” dials with a glossy surface and gold lettering for a period of four short years. Earlier examples would be produced by etching at a black surface to reveal the gold text, and would later be switched to simply applying gold text. It would then go on to be replaced in 1967 with the well-known matte dials that we see on numerous vintage pieces today. While aesthetic appeal definitely plays a role in the interest in gilt dials, the main reason for its collectability and reverence, as with most other premiums you’ll pay for in the vintage market, is purely rarity. Of all the 5513’s produced over the reference’s astonishing 28-year run, a considerably smaller number of examples were fitted with a gilt dial versus a matte dial – making it quite difficult to find an example today, let alone an example in decent condition.

Bart Simpson

Due to Rolex’s previous inconsistencies in dial printing techniques, the coronet seemed to slowly evolve depending on which year a dial was produced in, and who was manufacturing the dials. I like to think of this as somewhat of a blessing in disguise, as it’s given us compelling dials like what we now know as the Bart Simpson. Essentially, these examples made predominantly in 1966 featured a considerably more short and stout version of the coronet that seems to resemble the head and hair of the mischievous cartoon character, Bart Simpson.

5513 Bart Simpson Dial

As stated earlier, Rolex discontinued the gilt dial on the 5513 in 1967, so that makes Bart Simpson dials somewhat of a transitional reference within a reference. This can be further seen through the use of steel hands. Additionally, you’ve probably seen Simpson dials before with a bumpy, near-matte surface. If gilt dials were made with a glossy finish, then why is this you ask? Well, when these dials had completed the printing stage of production, they were then finished with a thin coating of clear lacquer. In their early years, they would’ve had a mirror-like surface to the dial, but after years of sunbathing and deep-sea endeavours, several examples have aged to acquire an interesting granular surface. All of these factors make for an incredibly interesting sub-reference (pun intended).

White Swiss

These transitional dials are quite interesting, because they represent Rolex’s study of radioactivity through just a simple word. In the 60’s, laws regarding the use of radium in certain applications began to change. Lawmakers were becoming more aware of the hazardous dangers posed by using a material as radioactive as radium, and hence started regulating its use. While the amount of radium in a simple wristwatch may not pose a great threat to its owner, the true danger of using this substance was known by Rolex themselves. So, the brand gradually started to use less and less radium in their watches, and this can still be seen today when using a Geiger counter.

5513 White Swiss. Photo courtesy of Rolex Passion Report.

The “White Swiss” was one of the last few 5513 variants to use radium, and then got replaced with the much safer luminous compound, tritium. This increases its overall level of desirability, as not only does it visually stand out against a gilt dial, but it represents the end of an era. Tritium dials were most commonly indicated by the marking Swiss – T < 25, and were used all the way up until the end of the 5513’s run in 1989. As most will know, fake Rolex watches now exclusively uses a version of superluminova that they call Chromalight for all their luminous applications.

White Swiss. Photo courtesy of VR


Across the entire range of both sports and dress Rolex watches, you’ll be sure to see some examples bearing an underline dial. On a gilt 5513, there’s two places you could possibly spot an underline, below the Submariner text, and below the Oyster Perpetual text. Underline examples are known to be much rarer than those bearing standard dials, and typically command a premium.

Ref 5513 gilt underline dial
Ref 5513 gilt underline dial

There is much debate as to why Rolex added underlines to some of their dials. Many will claim it’s indicative of the transition from radium to tritium, and this is backed up by lower radiation readings on underline dials. Alternatively, some say it was done to ensure that printing was carried out in a symmetrical fashion, but at the end of the day, no one really knows. Luxury replica Rolex has never officially stated why this was done, but until then we can come up with all the crazy theories we want.
Explorer Dial

Of all the gilt 5513’s, this is by far one of the most radical and drool-worthy versions out there. In a nutshell, the Explorer dial 5513’s are exactly as they sound, a 5513 fitted with Arabic numerals at positions 3, 6 and 9, with stick markers at the remaining positions – similar to that of an Explorer. These dials were introduced after 1963 for a very short period of time, and have now become quite collectible, and very pricey.

A beautiful Explorer dial 5513. Photo courtesy of Anderson & Garland.

Now although one might want to snap up the opportunity to own one upon finding a decent looking example, buyers definitely need to do their homework. Over the past few years, more and more 5513 Explorer counterfeit dials have emerged, and they’re becoming harder and harder to point out, thus making the market even more grey. So, to avoid being burned, be sure to look for how the feet are attached to the plates on the backside of the dial, and also pick up a Geiger counter. The perceived patina of counterfeit dials that’s often applied with coffee, lemon juice, and other color altering liquids may provide the right look, but it’ll never read correctly on a Geiger counter. Moral of the story: buyer beware!

One Of The Rarest Replica Rolex References Of Them All: The Oyster Zerograph Monopusher Flyback Chronograph Reference 3346

Watch auctions have evolved from relatively staid events for die-hard collectors into ever increasingly well-hyped media events for the ultra-wealthy.

And while that’s not a bad thing in itself, the excited rhetoric, stratospherically high estimates, and hammer prices often attract attention away from the watches themselves, making it easy to lose track of what made these watches so desirable in the first place.

So now that the dust has settled on the recent Phillips Start-Stop-Reset auction of stainless steel chronographs in Geneva, which saw all 88 of its lots sold, I’d like to focus on a watch that I thought stood out from the very strong field.

Rolex Oyster Zerograph_

In the spirit of go big or go home, let’s look at one of the most desirable timepieces ever to come up at auction: a cheap replica Rolex Reference 3346 in stainless steel from 1937.

This Rolex was lot 36 in the 2016 Phillips Start-Stop-Reset auction, and it ended up hammering for 389,000 Swiss francs at the May sale.

This is what makes this 80-year-old timepiece so desirable:

It’s one of the rarest Rolex references ever with only this one model having surfaced
It was the very first Rolex chronograph in an Oyster case.
It was a calibrated rotating bezel, the template for all luxury fake Rolex sports watches that followed.

_Rolex Oyster Zerograph

This flyback chronograph was the most complicated movement that Rolex had ever made at the time, is was developed in-house and was patented.

It is the only flyback chronograph that exact replica Rolex watches online has ever made.

It also happens to be the very first Oyster-cased chronograph that Rolex has ever made.

Rolex Oyster Zerograph-

It includes the very first revolving bezel best replica Rolex watches outfitted a watch with. This feature would not become a serial element at the brand until the 1950s.

Its California dial is a feature that is found on only one of two Rolex models. Ever.

The hammer price of 389,000 Swiss francs was near the middle of its estimate, which was between 250,000 and 500,000 Swiss francs.

Rolex Oyster Zerograph

I’d like to thank Paul Boutros and Alex Ghotbi from Phillips for their help in helping to select this exceptional and interesting piece from an auction consisting entirely of exceptional and interesting pieces.

Cheap Replica Rolex Opens Expansive Boutique in Singapore Featuring Permanent Exhibition

One of the largest replica Rolex stores in the world is now open in Singapore and even includes a first-of-its-kind exhibition of inventions and achievements.


Rolex and Singapore retailer Cortina Watch have just opened an enormous 513 square metre – that’s over 5500 square feet – store in the city state, complete with a permanent exhibition explaining cheap replica Rolex watches, from its key innovations to landmark timepieces like the Deepsea Challenge.

The sweeping boutique is a powerful statement by the world’s luxury watch brand, one that is particularly resonant given the poor demand for luxury watches in Asia.


Located in Marina Square, a mall sited near the business district, the new exact fake Rolex watches store is one of the largest single-brand watch stores in South East Asia. By comparison, the recently opened Patek Philippe boutique in Singapore is half as large, and it’s the brand’s largest in the region. Naturally the store is outfitted in typical Rolex fashion, a conservative style that’s late 20th century with lots of green, beige and shades of brown.


Not only is the size unusual, the new store has a unique feature in the rear, The Rolex Exhibition. Inspired by The Rolex Experience, an even larger, 800 square metre store and museum in Shanghai, the Singapore store features a permanent exhibition comprising three sections, starting with The Rolex Way, a dictionary that explains key innovations developed by Rolex, from the Cerachrom ceramic bezel to the recent, high-efficiency Chronergy escapement in the new luxury fake Rolex Datejust 41 watches.


It continues with The World of replica Rolex watches online, a video that’s all about the brand’s philanthropy as well as its ambassadors in the arts, sports and exploration. But the most interesting is the final section, Rolex and the Deep. This covers Rolex’s accomplishments in deep sea exploration, namely the two expeditions in 1960 and 2012 that visited the deepest place on Earth, Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench. Both experimental wristwatches that accompanied each expedition, the Deep Sea Special and Deepsea Challenge, are on show, as are models of the submarines that took the watches to unprecedented depths.

The World of Rolex video wall

The World of Rolex video wall

Rolex Boutique Cortina Watch MSQ
#02-38 Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

Opening daily from 11am to 9pm.

Replica Watches Rolex Milgauss 6541 Now An Iconic Timepiece Collectors Drool Over

Many vintage Rolex that are considered extremely rare and valuable today were initially quite unpopular when they were first released. One particular replica Rolex Milgauss watches online was so unwanted by its owner, that it was actually returned to the store from which it was purchased; today, that watch is worth a quarter of a million dollars. Here is its story.
As electricity became a standard presence in work environments during the 1950s, some individuals – particularly scientists and medical technicians – found that the electromagnetic fields from their equipment wreaked havoc on their wristwatches. First released in 1958, the reference 6541 Milgauss was Rolex’s answer to the public’s growing need for an antimagnetic watch.


The name Milgauss was created by combining two words: mille (Latin for a thousand) and gauss, the unit of measurement for magnetic fields. The name was intended to be an ever-present reminder that the watch was designed to withstand electromagnetic forces up to 1,000 gauss. Rolex was able to achieve this feat by encasing the watch’s movement in a Faraday cage, which thoroughly protected its delicate workings from harmful magnetic forces. The Faraday cage (first invented by Michael Faraday in 1836) works by redistributing electromagnetic charges through the cage’s conducting material in order to neutralize the effects present inside the cage.


In appearance, the reference 6541 somewhat resembles an early Submariner, rather than a present-day Rolex Milgauss. The 25-jewel, self-winding movement – tucked safely away inside its antimagnetic, Faraday cage – was set in a stainless steel case with a black, rotating bezel that could be used as a rudimentary timer. As a final reminder of its electromagnetic resilience, the Rolex Milgauss was fitted with a unique, lightning bolt-shaped seconds hand.
An additional notable feature of the reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss is its “honeycomb” dial. While many collectors value this dial for its unique aesthetic flair, it actually helped increase the watch’s electromagnetic resistance. The dial is constructed of two crossed layers of metal that add visual depth to the dial, while also creating an excellent shield against magnetic forces acting on the face.


Despite being impressive from a technological standpoint, the watch itself was rather poorly received in the years following its release. Many considered the watch too large, and some took issue with its bold styling. Additionally, just four years prior to the release of the Milgauss, replica Rolex watches online introduced both the Submariner and GMT-Master lines of watches, which further hindered potential Rolex Milgauss sales.
Despite several other options from Rolex, and a lukewarm reaction from the general public, there were some who were won over by the quirky design of the Rolex Milgauss. In 1958, NASCAR champion and race car driver Richard Petty purchased a brand-new reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss from Hayes Jewelers in Lexington, North Carolina. Richard Petty, nicknamed “The King,” is a seven-time NASCAR Championship winner. Statistically speaking, Petty is the most accomplished driver in the entire history of the sport, and in 2010, he was inducted into the inaugural class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.


After wearing his reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss for nearly two years, Petty decided that a 37mm watch was simply too large for his tastes. The average size of men’s watches during the 1950s and 1960s was substantially smaller than it is today, and in 1960, Petty brought his reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss back to the same Hayes Jewelers from which he purchased it, and exchanged it for an entirely different watch.
Hayes later sold that very same Rolex Milgauss 6541 to a different customer, who took remarkably good care of the watch for all these years, until we recently purchased it.


Given that the watch is well over half a century old, the piece itself is in fantastic, all-original condition. The case, lugs, bezel, and crown have nice, thick, sharp lines that have clearly not been over-polished during the years. The all-original dial is also very well-preserved, and the radium-based luminant on its hour markers has taken on a wonderful, orange-brown patina.
Additionally, this particular reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss features the black, rotating bezel found on the very earliest models of cheap fake Rolex Milgauss watches, while many other reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss watches – even those manufactured later that same year – are fitted with the fixed, domed bezel that can be found on later renditions. The original aluminum bezel insert on this particular Rolex Milgauss 6541 is fantastically dark for its age, and it possesses just enough wear to match the pristine condition of the watch.


Even the folded-link, riveted, Oyster bracelet is in remarkable shape, with very little stretch in the pins or links. Many Rolex bracelets of this design and age have long since warped and stretched to the point where they are hardly intact, let alone usable. As far as original, riveted Rolex bracelets go, this is about as tight as they come.
A different reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss was recently listed for $180,000 at auction, and it lacked both the original, rotating bezel, as well as this watch’s well-documented history of previously belonging to one of the most famous NASCAR champions of all time.


By itself, the reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss is a very rare and valuable watch, and it brings with it an absolutely fantastic history – it is, after all, the first-ever Milgauss. However, the well-documented story of this particular reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss – along with the fame of its legendary, NASCAR-champion owner – have helped elevate this vintage timepiece to an entirely new level of value and collectibility.

Vintage Rolex-Milgauss

The unique histories behind watches are just part of the reason why some people choose to collect vintage luxury replica watches Rolex rather than contemporary models. In the case of this particular reference 6541 Rolex Milgauss, its famous previous owner – and the unique and well-documented story have helped it achieve a valuation of roughly a quarter of a million dollars.

Replica Rolex Watches 5 logos that ruined perfectly good watches. Or did they?

There’s a piece of pop culture folklore that says that when you retire, your employers give you a party and a gold watch. Now, if you were born after 1980, this concept seems like a quaint anachronism from some halcyon economic boom time, where job security was real and employers rewarded long service. But, trust us, we’ve watched Mad Men, back in the day this was actually a thing. And often the watches were personalised with the company logo. In the business, these watches are known as ‘presentation dials’, because, you know, they were presented to someone. And this is where things get weird/awesome. Supermarkets and fast food chains are about as far away from fine Swiss watchmaking as is possible to imagine, and yet, these dials happened. All the time. We tracked down a couple that may make you feel outright queasy, or hungry, depending entirely on you. While they might not have the same cachet a dial with Tiffany & Co. or COMEX written on it, they do have some interest. 10 Past Ten‘s Eric Ku says “While they’re not particularly rare, these watches are interesting. The logo and nostalgia factor are cool though. When it comes to value I feel that they will appreciate over time, but will always appeal more to Americana lovers than watch collectors.”

Replica Rolex Air-King with ‘Domino’s’ dial


One of the least likely logos to show up on a Rolex watch is that of pizza franchise Domino’s. For many, the pizza chain logo on the dial is the epitome of tack – though it does lead to some excellent puns about pizzas being delivered in 30 minutes or less. To find out the story about these watches we found Mark Marshall, an actual Domino’s franchisee and proud owner of a Domino’s Air-King. Marshall explains that these watches, which have been around since the early ‘60s, are part of a Domino’s incentive policy called ‘The Rolex Challenge’. “Franchisees have to be general managers for a year. Most franchisees and general managers start as drivers or customer service representatives so the Domino’s Rolex is usually the first or only nice watch we get. It doesn’t matter if collectors like them, the vast majority will never be sold.” So the next time you dismiss these watches as another example of kitsch Americana, consider the hard work it took someone to earn it.

Omega with ‘Dunlop’ dial


This one goes out to anyone that’s ever owned a pair of Dunlop Volley sneakers. This nice little 9ct gold dress watch was given to one E.A. Hurcombe to recognise 25 years of loyal service, way back in 1975. And as far as logos go it’s quite discreetly and tastefully done.

Cheap Fake Rolex Air-King with ‘Winn-Dixie’ dial


Winn-Dixie is a supermarket chain from the American south, and this fake Rolex Air-King watches would have presented to one of their driver’s after a decade of hauling produce around without incident. I can’t image Coles or Woolworth’s ever recognising their employees’ loyalty in such a cool way.

Luxury Replica Rolex Air-King with ‘Coca-Cola’ dial


Usually when Rolex fans talk about their ‘Pepsi’ and ‘Coke’, they’re talking about the bezel on their GMT. This Coca-Cola watch is a lot more literal, being given to a company employee for a quarter century of hard work. Oh, and if you’re wondering why three out of these five watches are Air-Kings it’s because for most, Rolex is synonymous with quality, and the Air-King has traditionally been the entry point into the collection.

Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute with ‘Porco Rosso’ dial


I’ve saved the most intriguing watch for last. It’s a 2001 Brietling Navitimer Cosmonaute with a seaplane from Hayao Miyazake’s 1992 animated film Porco Rosso on the dial. All I know about this watch is that it was released in an edition of 300. But why? Was it to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the film? Was it an official Breitling release for the Japanese market, or was it a special commission? No one’s really sure, and that’s what makes it so cool.

Scott Brash MBE: Rolex Grand Slam Champion, Replica Rolex Shop

Already a showjumping legend, Scott Brash is breaking barriers never achieved before – most notably, the Rolex Grand Slam of showjumping.

Scott Brash may not be a household name to everyone, however, he is a man who has achieved more than any other in his sport’s history. The greatest of his achievements have mostly been in partnership with his phenomenal ride, Hello Sanctos. The pair won team Olympic Gold in London 2012 for Great Britain, Scott held the position of number one showjumper in the world for 2 years with Hello Sanctos also holding the position of best horse in the world, and in 2015 the pair went on to achieve an accolade never attained in showjumping history, the Rolex Grand Slam. I sat down with him to discuss what it meant to win the most prestigious prize in showjumping and the interest it has sparked in him for watches.


What did it mean to you winning gold at your first Olympics and on your home turf?

Being selected on your home turf is an incredible feeling and achievement by itself. It was a goal that I have always looked towards throughout my life but then to go to London and win gold medal in your home country was quite an unbelievable feeling especially as it was my first Olympics.

Despite holding the title of no1 in the World for a total of 2 years, we still see you at the local shows. Being able to see the sport from such a broad point of you, how do you see the sport evolving commercially with the likes of luxury replica Rolex watches being involved?

I think that as a whole, the sport is going in a very good direction. There are so many more shows now, most significantly there are far more 5 star shows (shows at the highest level). The Global Champions Tour has broadened the sport’s audiences to being worldwide – we’re now jumping on Miami Beach, in Shanghai, places you never would have believed we could have jumped at 20 years ago. The Rolex Grand Slam of Showjumping is an incredible series for our sport to have, it is the pinnacle. The culmination of the 3 biggest Grand Prix in the world, Geneva, Aachen and Calgary – giving us another series to aim for and I think that as a result, the sport is going in the right direction. However, I obviously think that it is also important to be jumping at local shows with your young horses because it is all about the future. We have to keep generating the next horses that we feel can do Grand Prix because horses like Hello Sanctos don’t last forever.Cheap replica watches for sale online.

Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos after their victory in the Rolx Grand Prix receive Rolex watch
Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos after their victory in the Rolx Grand Prix receive Rolex watch

How did it feel to win the Rolex Grand Slam, something that no one has ever done before?

I’ve always dreamt of winning one of the Rolex Grand Prix, whether it be Geneva, Aachen or Calgary because they are the three biggest Grand Prix in the world. As riders, we all dream of winning one of them once in our lifetime let alone winning all of them, especially not consecutively – words cannot describe the feelings that went through me when we achieved the Rolex Grand Slam. It is fantastic that Rolex put the series on, to combine the three best Grand Prix in the world and to put it together with the the Grand Slam Bonus gives us riders something to aim for beyond the Global Champions Tour and the Olympics – it is the pinnacle accolade to achieve in the sport. Winning at each one leaves you with a feeling of ecstasy for a very long time, winning the Grand Slam was overwhelming.


Did you let each win sink in or did you think, right now on to the next one?

Beforehand you think that it is impossible. Then when you do win one leg you think, right I really do want to target the next. After winning Geneva, I targeted Aachen and when Hello Sanctos and I won Aachen I thought “Oh God, you know what, this could be possible” and then I put all of my time and energy into winning the last part, the Calgary Grand Prix. It is renowned in Calgary that they only have one horse and rider combination jump two rounds clear, usually it doesn’t go to a jump off against the clock because of the types of lines of jumps they build that are nearly un-jumpable. I think that that is what made it more special though, being able to jump a clear there inside the time allowed, which was near impossible, and then I found myself last to go to in the final round and went on to win the whole series – it was amazing.


You’re wearing the watch that you won for the Rolex Grand Slam, the the exact replica Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi-Cola’, do you wear it often or is it kept safe?

I actually keep it safely away along with the other two watches I won for winning Geneva and Aachen. Every time I look at it, it brings back memories of that day in Calgary last year. I love the watch but it means so much to me that I want to keep it in its prime condition. If I wear it, with the lifestyle I live with the horses, the risk of me marking it are very high.

Has it heightened your interest in watches?

Absolutely! I have always had an appreciation for what a prestigious brand best copy watches Rolex is but now I am far more aware of what individuals wear on their wrists. I was very lucky to be invited to the Rolex manufacture and it was a fascinating experience. You really learn a lot more about them, the work that is involved and the dedication, the small and intricate details that go into every piece. As soon as I went there, I gained a much greater appreciation.

Finally, are you still as hungry for success as you always have been considering you have ticked every box.

I’m not sure if I’ve ticked every box. It’s a bit odd really, before I was of the mindset that if you win the Rolex Grand Slam for example, you’ve done it, but now it makes me want to go out and do more, especially having done it relatively early in my career. I think it is because of the feelings you get when you win a Grand Prix as prestigious as Geneva, Aachen or Calgary, there is no better feeling in the world, and to win the Rolex Grand Slam, nothing compares to it in this sport.


2016 Exact Fake Rolex Chronograph Watches, Reference 6238

The reference 6238 is often referred to as the pre-Daytona since many design cues of the cheap replica emblematic Rolex chronograph can already be found, at the exception of an external scale on the bezel. As this clean example from 1965 shows, the reference 6238 was even produced alongside the first Rolex Daytonas. Currently, the 6238 is less popular; however, it recently got the the spotlight when a detailed presentation by the Omega Museum’s Petros Protopapas, about the watches submitted to NASA in the early 1960s, revealed that the model provided by luxury fake Rolex watches was not the one many had thought – you can read more about the insights here. This revelation fueled the speculation that the reference 6238 was actually this opposing chronograph that did not manage to beat the Speedmaster to become NASA’s official watch. In any case, this silver chronograph exhibits dashing looks, which explains why it was James Bond’s choice in the movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


A Rolex dealer in the US is offering this Silver 6238 for $30,000 here.

Inside the new Melbourne Fake Rolex Service Centre

One of the biggest issues in this industry is what happens to a watch long after it leaves the boutique on the wrist of its happy new owner. Aftersales support and servicing may not be as glamorous as releasing shiny new watches, but it matters. A lot. There’s no quicker way to ruin goodwill towards a brand than with a negative service or repair situation, and from the anecdotal stories I hear it’s happening all too often, with common complaints including long wait times, unexpected costs and process that can be baffling in its bureaucracy.

Still, it’s easy to see why aftersales support doesn’t get the attention it deserves. There are no immediate returns to be had by investing in servicing. If you had to sign off opening a new boutique or expanding your service network, the boutique must seem like the more attractive option, in the short term at least. But servicing is an increasingly important issue for the industry, because with ever increasing numbers of mechanical watches being sold, brands need to meet the needs of consumers by providing an adequate level of support.


Rolex Australia has recently bucked this trend by opening a brand new, expanded Melbourne service centre late last year. Found down a cobbled CBD lane, next to a coffee shop that some might describe as ‘hipster’, Melbourne’s new Replica Rolex Service Centre is perfectly suited to the city in which it’s located, but once inside, the spacious, light-filled, hi-tech space instantly dispels any romantic images of the lone artistic watchmaker working in the same fashion as his 18th century predecessors.


This service centre is state of the art, with polishing, testing and parts storage systems available. The storage system in itself is impressive. Should a part be required for pretty much any cheap replica Rolex watches reference, the technician responsible for managing the parts inventory will pull it up. And I mean that literally, the storage system is a massive, computerised wall unit, and in our short demonstration of how it works we cycled through seemingly endless trays of dials, movements, bracelets and all the rest. This degree of organisation might seem like overkill when a simple set of drawers would suffice, but this is copy Rolex watches for man, and it seems that their quest for perfection and efficiency doesn’t end with the watches themselves.


Until I walked through the service centre I didn’t fully appreciate how much work went into a Rolex service. Again it’s that notion of the lonely watchmaker at his desk, regulating and lubricating delicate watch movements. The reality is a little different, with equal importance placed on case refinishing and testing, each of which have dedicated spaces and specialised staff.

This isn’t to detract from the work done by the men in lab coats who look after the movements. In fact, so confident is cheap fake Rolex watches in the quality of its movements and the people who service them that last year they boosted their existing three-year warranty to a hefty five years.

Rolex is leading the market in Australia when it comes to taking aftersales support seriously, and the significant scaling up of capacity at the new Melbourne Service Centre speaks volumes for the brand’s confidence in the Australian market – an example other brands would do well to pay attention to.

Industry News – New CEO at Tudor Watches, Philippe Peverelli to move to Replica Rolex Watches

After the departure of the Head of Products and Marketing in 2015, Davide Cerrato, now Head of Watches at Montblanc, it is another surprising piece of news coming from Tudor Watches, as its CEO, Philippe Peverelli is about to move to others functions into the Rolex Group (full owner of Tudor Watches), to run Roledeco (merchandising division of Rolex Group) and to be replaced soon.


When arriving at Tudor Watches in 2009, the mission of Philippe Peverelli as new CEO was simple: waking up the sleeping beauty… or what was at that time a sleeping ugly. Created in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf (also founder of Sale Replica Rolex Watches), Tudor Watches had a unique vocation: selling watches with a level of quality worthy of the Rolex name but in a lower price range (which is now in-between 1,500 and 4,000 Euros), by using out-sourced movements – in order to stay away from Replica Rolex Watches Markets. Some great sports watches apart (mainly the Submariners from the 1960s and some chronographs from the 1970s), the brand never really achieved success. In fact, before Mr. Peverelli arrived, the brand was mainly sold in China (around 95% of the turnover at that time).

The goal of Philippe Peverelli was to awaken the brand and to bring it back under the spotlights, as an independent Maison (and not just being Cheaper Fake Rolex Watches). Everything started with the launch of the Heritage collection with, in 2010, the introduction of the Heritage Chrono, the first of a collection with vintage-inspired look, then followed by the actual hit of Tudor, the Heritage Black Bay (introduced first in 2012, in its burgundy edition). Between 2010 and 2015, the collection grew with several other Heritage watches, such as the Chrono Blue, the Ranger or the other editions of the Black Bay. On the other hand, Peverelli and his teams developed several modern watches, as the Pelagos or the FastRider Chrono. The pinnacle of his career at Tudor – and what propelled Tudor as even more independent – was the introduction in 2015 of the first in-house movement of the brand, in the North Flag (and now used in the Pelagos and the Black Bay).


The other success of Philippe Peverelli concerns the sales and the development of new markets. While the brand was mainly sold in China, it is now visible and collectible all around the world, with a strong presence in USA, Europe or Asia, with less than half of the sales now realized in Great China (on a production estimated to 250,000 pieces). After 7 years at the head of Tudor Watches, we can clearly call his career a success. It seems that his mission is accomplished for the mother company Replica Rolex Watches For Sale, as Philippe Peverelli will join, at the end of spring (no date defined yet), the Crown, as head of Roledeco, subsidiary that handles store design and visual merchandising for both Rolex and Tudor.

This position at Roledeco, which was occupied in the past by Daniel Riedo (now CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre), won’t feel totally unknown for Mr. Peverelli, which had a similar role at Chopard between 1996 and 2008 – he was in charge of the development of stores for the brand, which passed from 8 official boutiques in 1998 to 126 of them in 2006. This experience could possibly be the reason why Jean-Frédéric Dufour, CEO of Rolex, asked the future ex-CEO of Tudor to move. His successor, whose name is not yet known, will be in charge of a healthy company.

Replica Watches Rolex And The Art Of Omission !

When it comes to buying a new sports watch as a daily wear, there are always many decisions to take. While most people just go for a certain brand and model, after the budget has been set, while for others, who really care for small details, that make a dial as smart as possible, the question often is, should the watch really have a date window or not. Since most men prefer a watch that tells the date as well, the industry nowadays produces most of their automatic movements, with a date facility._Rolex_watches

The downside is that since these calibers have that option, we see less and less automatic watches with a simple plain dial. It almost seems that if the caliber has that date facility, it just has to be used. For the purists among us and I know quite a few, a bit of a bummer. Replica Rolex Watches for sure is the brand with prominent date windows and most of them even have a cyclops to enlarge it. Many of their watches were designed that way, are accepted like that and serve 95% of the Rolex clients. But on the other hand, it is also Rolex that thinks out of the box and realises that there still is a group that loves, more discreet designs, more minimalism and simplicity.

Since their introduction we know that the Daytona, the Air King, the Milgauss (1956) and for instance the Best Replica Rolex Explorer 1 (1953) don’t have a date, even the re-issues and newest models.


The Explorer 1, a small 36mm black dial watch, was in the meantime enlarged to 39mm, but the model is still available without date. Just the numerals have bee changed from Tritium (and later on Luminova) to applied numerals, which gives the watch a more modern look and makes it an ideal time piece to wear to the office.

A stunning bold purple colour that at first sight may not be so easy to combine, but for the more flamboyant, fashion oriented man among us, a daring watch to try.

More easy and an actually very smart looking watch with lots of charm is the White Grape.

In a flash the watch is almost vintage looking with a dial that goes from yellowish to light beige/brown and sometimes copper coloured in sunlight. Next to a vintage Explorer it becomes clear how much these watches have in common.

The safest choice of the three is without doubt the Steel Grey. A more simple, straight forward and good looking watch cannot be found in the current Replica Watches Rolex For Sale line up. This is certainly the one of the three that can be worn in any business environment. It presents taste without giving the wrong signals.


Rolex released a winning trio. Build to last with their strong and smooth, water resistant to 100 meters, Oyster cases in steel. While most brands use 316L steel for their steel watches, Rolex has, since 2003, been working with the very hard 904L steel. Cheap Fake Rolex Watches does not make much publicity about the steel they use, but it is good to know that 904L steel is more corrosion resistant, and is also harder than other steels, which makes it more difficult to work with. Another benefit of 904L steel is the fact that it holds the polish very well and leaves a lasting and durable reflection on the case and bracelet of the watch.

Add to that, Rolex’s very reliable and self winding, official certified Swiss chronometer (COSC) 3130 caliber and it becomes clear that these three colour full Oysters are guaranteed to give you many years of trouble free ownership and a simple no date dial that any purist would love.