2016 Exact Fake Rolex Chronograph Watches, Reference 6238

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The reference 6238 is often referred to as the pre-Daytona since many design cues of the cheap replica emblematic Rolex chronograph can already be found, at the exception of an external scale on the bezel. As this clean example from 1965 shows, the reference 6238 was even produced alongside the first Rolex Daytonas. Currently, the 6238 is less popular; however, it recently got the the spotlight when a detailed presentation by the Omega Museum’s Petros Protopapas, about the watches submitted to NASA in the early 1960s, revealed that the model provided by luxury fake Rolex watches was not the one many had thought – you can read more about the insights here. This revelation fueled the speculation that the reference 6238 was actually this opposing chronograph that did not manage to beat the Speedmaster to become NASA’s official watch. In any case, this silver chronograph exhibits dashing looks, which explains why it was James Bond’s choice in the movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


A Rolex dealer in the US is offering this Silver 6238 for $30,000 here.

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