Cheap Fake Watches Rolex Daytona Blue Dial

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Cheap Replica Watches Rolex Daytona with cosmic timing series 116518 blue watches the continuation of series of classic styling, generous bezel, unique dial, great pointer and crown and layout design of button, so that people can recognize one it is Daytona.116518 wrist watch case is made of gold, which this in today’s materialistic, gold, “flying” s somewhat no longer special. But the grinding and polishing processing, let the surface is still “glamorous”.Bottom cover for the screw-plug yellow gold watch bottom cover, and use the rolex oyster type design, to be completely sealed, make sure the waterproof.


Daytona take series is the only series, Best Sale Fake Watches Rolex Shop For Sale sports timing wrist watch is also the most important series, 116518 series wrist watch is a typical representative, two special functions with timing and speed.Timing is one of basic functions in sports function in the wrist watch, Daytona take series of all Cheap Replica Rolex Watches Daytona Blue Dial with the layout design, the timing of the triangle dial is really can be called the “iron triangle”. The wrist watch guide pin wheel design, make the timing smoothly and button will not have negative tired feeling.


Rolex 4130 movement adopts rolex motion put tuo, a gear more than 3135 movement and make the chain more effective. USES the patent Cheap Sale Replica Watches Rolex red gear at the same time, the gear has very good abrasion resistance, balance cock bridge design, make the balance wheel balance spring system is more stable, and convenient for maintenance or calibration. Unique balance wheel balance wheel for rolex patent, it consists of four, two balance weights, two adjustable weights.

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