Why Does Maradona Wear Two Brilliant Watches Fake At The Same Time?

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What is the hottest topic recently? It is of course the World Cup. Argentina lost the game several days ago. It is difficult for Chinese fans to accept the result, let along the Argentina fans. Maradona had been watching the game on the spot, witnessing the defeat of the Argentina team ,Maradona’s eyes were wet. From kissing Messi’s jerseys before the game, to the dull face during the game, even to be dropping almost. He couldn’t believe it in the beginning, however accept the reality in the end. When everyone was paying attention to Messi and Maradona, many watch lovers were attracted by the delicate copy watches worn on his wrist, sighing that Maradona was so rich to wear the same models on his left hand and right hand. Why did he wear two watches at the same time and what were they? Hublot or Audemars Piguet?

Maradona's eyes were wet when he witness the failure of Argentina.

Two Brilliant Watches Maradona Weared On World Cup Replica

In fact, Maradona has a habit of wearing two watches on each wrist. In early years they were two pieces of Rolex Daytona, then two Cartier Santos 100. The CEO of Hublot Biver accidentally saw the photos of Maradona wearing two Hublot watches on the newspapers of Argentina. He  contacted local agencies to contact him immediately. Eventually, the Maradona became a brand representative for Hublot. Maradona explained the reason why he worn two watches: “Because always run around the world. The family is very important to me. I need to know the time of my hometown and the local time I stay.” At the World Cup in Russia this time, the two watches Maradona worn were the Hublot Big Bang series. If you want to see the time of two places and if you travel frequently but can’t afford two watches like Maradona, what should you do? The watches with GMT, world time, two time zones will help you. Here I will recommend two watches with such professional functions to you.

1, Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934

Rolex Sky-Dweller with oystersteel bracelet is protected by 14 patents, providing information global travelers need, helping them master the time easily. It displays two time zones simultaneously. It can be set quickly and easily by distinctive system. A fixed inverted red triangle points to the wearer’s chosen reference time.

The oystersteel bracelet is robust and durable, making the watch more reliable.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica Watches With Blue Dials

2, Rolex GMT-MasterⅡ12670BLRO

Rolex imitation watches with black dials can display different time zones, attracting many travelers with its high performance and professional use. The traveler’s local time is easily set by jumping. The hour hand can be adjusted forwards or backwards independently from the minute hand and second hand via the crown. The new-generation movement Calibre 3285 makes the model more reliable.

The red and blue bezel fitted on the black bezel make the watch look more fascinating.

Red And Blue Bezel Fake Rolex


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